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The Tour: Blue eyes in Oxapapampa      

Leaving Lima we follow the road to the “Ticlio” pass, 4818 m.a.s.l, passing “La Oroya” (3740 m.a.s.l., 180 km), “Tarma”, 2247 m.a.s.l., 230 km, “San Ramon”, 820 m.a.s.l., 293 km, until we reach “La Merced”, 751 m.a.s.l., 305 km. Good road conditions until “La Merced”.

Here we stay over night, before we hit the gravel track to “Oxapampa” 1814 m.a.s.l., 385 km) next morning, where we will spend the night.

The following day we will proceed to “Pozuzo”, 824 m.a.s.l., 472 km.

(distances rated from Lima)


Our destinacions are the german and austrian colonies!

Unfortunately, these places are not visited frequently – still a sleeper though!

Apart from it’s interesting historical background, this area has many other attractions to offer.

Austrians and Germans already settled down here in 1859. According to a road sign, Pozuzo calles itselve “la única colonia Austro – Alemana del mundo" – “ the only austrian-german colony of the world”. Their descendents still keep various traditions alive but many lost their native language.

They adapted to the primval forest conditions and i.e., modified their appel pie into a banana pie. Their main economic activity is cattle farming,

The valley, surrounded by wonderful virgin forests, is located in Pozuzu /Oxapampa province and lies 700 mtrs above sea level. The distance from Lima is 460 km.

Our journey leads us through the 3 different zones of Peru: Coast, highlands and jungle, the national park Yanachaga-Chemillen. The way to Pozuzo leads through this National Park Here one can observe the outstanding landscape of the deeply cutted Huancabamba canyon.

The National Park covers 122000 ha and is located on the “ Yanachaga Hights”, that separate the Pozuzo-Oxapampa and Palcazu valleys.

A part of the Peruvian jungle forest is protected here and so are it’s biological treasures

The National Park Yanachaga-Chemillen can be reached via Oxapampa or Palcazu

The locals realized for long that Enduro Motorbikes are the best form of  getting around,.

The gravel tracks ask for experienced pilots – nothing for beginners!

Rain season December – April, in these months we abstain from tours into this area, as roads may get impassable at any moment. 


1 week Motorbike Adventure

incl. rental motorbike YAMAHA XT 660 R

accompanied tour for 6 – 10 participants

english speaking tour guide

service car for the luggage

over night stays in hotels and hostals

airport transfer


Overall covered distance: 1’050 km

Lima – Ticlio - La Oroya – Tarma -  San Ramón - La Merced - Oxapampa -  Pozuzo -  Oxapampa - La Merced -  San Ramón – Tarma - La Oroya – Ticlio - Lima


The tour “Blue eyes in Oxapampampa is suitable for motorbike pilots, that ride regulary and do already have some off-road experience.

The schedule meets the end of the tour “Following the Inka trails”, to offer our customers the possibility of adding another interesting experience.

This tour is ment for people, that – apart from fun of riding – like to enjoy the country, people and the Inka cultur as well.



For further informations such as tour schedules, please refer to our download section 


Saturday, day 1

Lima – La Merced. From the coast crossing the Andes at 4818 mtrs into the high jungle, possible just here in Peru! Leaving Limas traffic behind, we ride dow the “Carretera Central” road, over the Ticlio pass, down to city of flowers, Tarma and finaly reach La Merced.


Sunday, day 2

La Merced– Oxapampa, The adventure can begin! Endless gravel tracks und some river crossings want to be mastered today. Arriving in Oxapampa, we quickiy realize thr german-austrian influence 


Monday, day 3

Oxapampa – Pozuzo, beautiful vegetation, a strech with impressions hardly to beat.


Tuesday, day 4

A day in Pozuzo, we do some excursions in the Pozuzo area


Wednesday, day 5

Pozuzo – Oxapampa, return to Oxapampa 


Thursday, day 6

Oxapampa –La Merced, again an interesting ride on gravel roads, passing an interesting landscape


Friday, day 7

La Merced– heading towards the waterfalls, today we visit the jungle natives and take a bath under one of the most beautifull waterfalls in this area.


Saturday, day 8

La Merced– Lima, again a beautifull ride that we already kow from our  outward journey. Plenty of turns up and own the mountain roads, passing the Ticlio (4828 mtrs) and arrive in Miraflores in the evening.





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