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If this tour would be listed on a menu, it certainly would be marked as “The chef recommends today”! Besides the beautiful itineraries, that already mark a dream for every motorcyclist, the tour has to offer so much more. A “7 course menu” with lots of variety in terms of riding motorcycle, much to culture, country and people, desert, Andes mountains and jungle - all this away from the usual touristic flow.

On the first day of our tour, we already visit “Caral” - the oldest settlement in the Americas. After its discovery, the history books had to be rewritten. The excavations are still underway and will continue for many more years to come. The Valley of the “Supe” river will get more famous as the excavations continue and, perhaps one day, reach a bigger importance than Machu Picchu. The city of Huaraz with the highest mountain of Peru in the background, the HuĂ scaran which reaches an altitude of 6769 mtr.a.s.l., located in the Valley of the “Sante” river. On the left side of the river, the Huascarán thrones above the “Cordillera Negra”, while on the right side the “Cordillera Blanca” with its breath taking glaciers marks the way. We leave the Andes and follow the winding roads towards the coast again, not missing the “CallĂ n” pass with its 4224 mtr.a.s.l. Close to the third largest city in Peru “Trujillo”, you will visit “Chan Chan” - the largest city worldwide ever built from mud bricks and former capital of  the “Chimu Empire”. Northern Peru offers an incredible variety of landscapes, amazing flora and fauna within its three geographical zones. The coast with its deserts, fertile valleys, endless beaches and dry forests, picturesque highland scenarios in “Cajamarca” and – last but not least - cloud forests in “Chachapoyas”. In Cajamarca, where the last Inca ruler “Atahualpa” was captured and executed, we treat ourselves a bath in the ancient Inca baths. Riding down into the lush Amazonas jungle of Moyobamba, Tarapoto or Pucallpa with an abundance of plants and animals. Before returning to the capital of Lima, we enjoy the pending “dessert of our menu”, by crossing the “Ticlio” pass at 4843 mtr.a.s.l. A motorcycle journey, second to none, which simply can’t be missed by any experienced “Star-Chef” in terms of "Motorcycle Menus"!


Saturday, 1st day: Arrival at international airport “Jorge Chavez” in Lima. Coming from Europe, we recommend to fly with IBERIA via Madrid or KLM via Amsterdam. Hotel transfer to our hotel “Las Palmas” in Miraflores.


Sunday, 2nd day: The tour start takes place in Lima, City of Kings and capital of Peru. Today`s city tour leads you through the ancient 10mio. city centre of Lima: Plaza de Arma, the Presidential Palace and the “San Christobal” lookout. Costs  US$ 30. – p.p.


Monday, 3rd day: We ride through the barren desert landscape that borders the coastal road. Our aim for today is Barranca, sited at the Panamericana North. Before arriving in Barranca, we visit “Caral” the oldest known settlement of the Americas.   210 km/131 mls


Tuesday, 4th day: We leave the coast, ride into the Andes towards Huaraz (3' 053 m.a.s.l.), also called “The peruvian Switzerland”. Accompanied by the scenic “Cordillera Negra” to the right and the “Cordillera Blanca” to the left.   220 km/137 mls


Wednesday, 5th day: Trip into the “National Park of Huascarán”.  Reaching out to stunning 6,768 mtr.a.s.l., the “Huascarán” mountain is one of the most famous in South America. Beautiful mountain lakes, “Puya Raimondis” - plants, occurring only in this area and grow up to 10mtr. The habitat of bears, pumas, foxes and condors. The night we spend again in Huaraz.   90 km/56 mls


Thursday, 6th day: Today, we leave Huaraz and the Andes, heading down for the coast again. The beautiful ride from Huaraz takes us over the CallĂ n pass (4.224 mtr.a.s.l.). The road is paved and in very good condition. From far, we wave good bye to the HuascarĂ n with its 6.768 mtr.a.s.l, the highest peruvian mountain. We reach the coastal city of Casma after just 160 km/ 100 mls but keep on riding the northern Panamericana towards Trujillo. Our goal for today is the beach of Huanchaco near Trujillo.   360 km/ 225 mls


Friday, 7th day: Trujillo is the capital of the region “La Libertad” and with approximately 645,000 inhabitants the fourth largest city of Peru. The unique architectural monuments of the the “Mochica” and “Chimu” culture, are of special importance for the tourism. We visit the “Chan Chan” site, the capital of the former Chimú empire. It developed approximately around the year 1300 . and extends today for more than 28 km². It probably has been the largest city at its time on the South American continent.


Saturday, 8th day: Our goal for today is Cajamarca. After 122 km / 76 mls we will leave the coast and ride back into the mountains. After approximately 310 km / 194 mls, we arrive in Cajamarca.


Sunday, 9th day: Cajamarca (Quechua: Kashamarka, " Country of  Thorns") is the main city in a region of  same name. The climate is equatorial, so it is sunny, mild and dry. Cajamarca is well-known for its churches, hot dwells and Inka-baths. We will visit old Inka baths and enjoy a massage. approx. 80 km/50 mls


Monday, 10th day: We leave Cajamarca and ride back towards the coast, until we reach Chiclayo, the capital of the Lambayeque province with its about 634,600 inhabitants. The city also is called: “City of friendship” or „CAPITAL DE LA AMISTAD “.    242 km / 150 mls.


Tuesday, 11th day: to where the coffee grows..! Leaving the coastal city of Chiclayo behind, we head for Motupe, cross the “Abra de Proculla“ pass at 2.145 mtr.a.s.l. and stay in JaĂ©n over night. This region is very famous for its coffe and cocoa plantations.   290 km / 181 mls.


Wednesday, 12th day: Towards Chachapoyas into the Amazonas. Again, this city carries the same name as the ancient culture and was given by the Inkas. “Chachapoya” translates into “Cloud people” or “Warriors of Fog” in the local quechuan dialect.  180 km / 112 mls   


Thursday, 13th day: Excursion to the fortress of Kuelap. Built between 800 and 1300, this fortress was able to accommodate up to 2000 people. Here the Chachapoyas managed to resist the incaican invaders for decades until they finaly had to capitulate before the huge Inka army.


Friday, 14th day: We proceed further into the amazonian jungle, aiming for Moyobamba! The capitol of the San Martin province is the oldest city in the Amazonian region.   240 km / 150 mls


Saturday, 15th day: Today we change the motorbikes for a boat. The unforgettable boat excursion leads us deeper into the pristine jungle on the “Mayo” river. Later, we enjoy a hot bath in thermal springs of San Mateo.


Sunday, 16th day : Back on our bikes, we proceed with our tour towards Tarapoto.  Moyobamba is the capitol of the region, but Tarapoto is the commercial centre of the department. With approx. 110.000 inhabitans, Tarapoto is also the biggest city of the San Martin province. 120 km / 75 mls


Monday, 17th day: We are leaving early today! At sunrise, the fun already begins: The trip from Tarapoto to Tingo Maria is paved until Janujui, where we hit the gravel road. Thanks to our Enduros, these gravel roads are quite comfortable to ride during the dry season. Te river Huallaga is our companion until we reach Tingo Maria.    450 km / 281 mls 


Tuesday, 18th day: The city of Pucallpa is next on our schedule. Pucallpa is located in the Amazonian jungle, with its Ucayali river – one of the rivers that feeds the gigantic Amazonas river, with a total length of 1600 km /1000 mls.     250 km / 156 mls 


Wednesday, 19th day: Today Pucallpa is all yours. Explore Pucallpa with its 250.000 inhabitants, its culture, food and nature. The harbor of Pucallpa is an important hub for the region.

Thursday, 20th day: We are leaving Pucallpa behind and enjoy our trip via Tingo Maria to the city of HuĂ nuco.   345 km / 215 mls

Friday, 21st day: Today, we are heading back towards the capitol of Lima, where our tour began about 3 weeks ago: HuĂ nuco – Cerro de Pasco – La Oroya – Ticlio (4338 mtr) – Carretera Central – Lima.   420 km / 262 mls

Saturday, 22nd day: Return flight to your country, your Taxi to airport is already organized by PeruMoto

Sunday, 23rd day: Arrival at home, loaded with unforgettable impressions and adventures. We hope to see you again soon! 



22 days of Enduro Adventure

Motor bike Yamaha XT 660 R

Guided Tours up to 10 participants

Multilingual Tour Guide

4 x 4 vehicle for your luggage

Airport transfers 


Not included:

Flight tickets



Entrance fees




The Tour:

Lima – Barranca – Huaraz – Trujillo – Cajamarca – Jaén – Chachapoyas – Moyobamba – Tarapoto - Tingo Maria – Pucallpa – Huànuco - Lima


The tour is suitable for Motorbike riders, which ride on regular bases – but nothing for beginners. There is no need for off – road experience. A tour for all who want to enjoy the adventure of motor biking combined with the experience of history, ancient cultures, the variety of landscapes and the people of this wonderful country..


Total tour distance: 3700 km / 2313 mls   


75% tarmac, 25 % Enduro (gravel roads, packed dirt roads)


Furthermore, please refer to our terms and conditions. More important information you may find in our document download files.


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