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The tour: The northern tour


The north of Peru, still a secret sleeper! 

A marvelous tour, along the coast and into the highlands of the Andes. Far less visited , the peruvian north has got a high potential for tourism, that easily competes with e.g. Cusco or other well known destinations in Peru. Along the north coast, a handful of beautiful cities interrupt the monotonousness of the desert. Traditional villages, cities and highlands full of charm. The route into the north leads away from the normal tourist stream. For the connoisseur of Peru definitely a region that can compete historically as well as culturally with the other well-known parts of the country.


Start, as always in Lima, the capital with their almost 10 million inhabitants.

The highlights of  this journey:

Our first aim is Barranca, the city at the coast before we head into the Andes . Between the “Cordillera Negra” and the “Cordillera Blanca” we ride towards Huaraz, the “Peruvian Switzerland”. An Eldorado for mountain climbers. The National Park of Huascarán with an aerea of 340' 000 ha. One of the most adventurous canyons of the world, the “Cañón del Pato” (duck canyon) with its 39  tunnels, “Trujillo” - the 3rd largest city of Peru, “Chan Chan” the capital of the former ChimĂş empire. Huanchachaco - Trujillos beach site, famous for its “Caballitos de Totora” (reed boats). Like the Mochica, more than 1500 years ago, local fisher still “ride” on their little boats towards open sea. From the coast once again back into the Andes, towards Cajamarca. For three reasons the journey to this city will remain unforgettable: the wonderful architecture from the colonial age, the unusual landscape and a rich history. Chiclayo, the baths of Pimentel and the archaeological place Huaca Rajada (Lord von Sipán), the province capital Piura, with its interesting places for excursions into the closer environment.


22 days Enduro Adventure incl. rental motorcycle YAMAHA XT 660 R

accompanied routes 6 - 10 participants

english speaking tour guide

service car for the luggage

accomodation in hotels

airport transfer

Totally covered distance: approx. 2' 800 km


Lima - Barranca - Huaraz - Chimbote - Trujillo - Cajamarca - Chiclayo - Piura - Chiclayo (Pimentel) Trujillo - Barranca - Lima.

The route is suitable for those , who ride motorcycles regularly, but definately not for beginners. The gravel stone route in the “Cañón del Pato” requires some riding experience.

This tour is ideal for people that – apart from fun of riding – like to enjoy the country as well as the culture of the Inkas.

The total covered distance is about 2800 km.


Travel program:

Saturday, 1st day: Arrival on international airport Jorge Chavez in Lima. From Europe,we recommend to fly IBERIA via Madrid or KLM via Amsterdam. Hotel transfer to our hotel “Las Palmas” in Miraflores. 

Sunday, 2nd day: The tour start takes place in Lima, the city of the kings and capital of Peru. City tour through the ancient 10mio. city - Plaza de Armas and the Presidential Palace and to the “San Christobal” lookout. Costs  US$ 30. – p.p. 

Monday, 3rd day: We ride through the barren desert landscape that borders the coastal road. Our aim for today is Barranca, sited at the Panamericana North. Off into the pool where we reward ourself with a Pisco sour refreshment. Approx. 170 km


Tuesday, 4th day: We leave the coast, ride into the Andes to Huaraz (3' 053 m.a.s.l.), towards the “peruvian Switzerland” as this area is also called. We ride between the “Cordillera Negra” to the right and the Cordillera Blanca to the left. Approx. 220 km 

Wednesday, 5th d ay: Trip into the “National Park of Huascarán”.  Reaching 6,768 m high, the “Huascarán” - is one of the most well-known mountains in South America. Beautiful mountain lakes, “Puya Raimondis” - plants, occurring only in this area and grow up to 10mtr. The habitat of bears, pumas, foxes and condors. Approx. 90 km 

Thursday, 6th day: An adventurous day is approaching! Off the Andes, back to the coast towards Chimbote. Until “Caraz” the road is paved, but then, we are getting to the “real thing”! The “Duck Canyon” or “Cañón del Pato” – as it is called in spanish. The gravel road – a former railroad embankment - leads us all the way through 39 tunnels and wild canyons. Total distance covered today, approx. 225 km. 

Friday, 7th day: Trujillois the capital of the region “La Libertad” and with approximately 645,000 inhabitants the fourth largest city of Peru. The unique architectural monuments of the the “Mochica” and “Chimu” culture, are of special importance for the tourism. We stay overnight in Huanchachaco, Trujillos bathing site. Distance covered approx. 130 km. 

Saturday, 8th day : Trip to the  Chan Chan site, witch was the capital of the former ChimĂş empire. It developed approximately around 1300 and extends today for more than 28 km². It probably has been the largest city at its time South American continent.

Sunday , 9th day: Our goal today is Cajamarca. After 122 km we will leave the coast and ride again into the mountains, after approximately 310 km we reach Cajamarca. 

Monday,10th day: Cajamarca (Quechua: Kashamarka, " Country of the thorns") is the city in a region of the same name. The climate is equatorial, so it is sunny, mild and dry. Cajamarca is well-known for its churches, hot dwells and Inka-baths. We will visit the baths of the Inkas, approx. 80 km. 

Tuesday,11th day: We leave Cajamarca and ride back towards the coast, until we reach Chiclayo after 242 km. Chiclayo, the capital of the Lambayeque province, with its about 634,600 inhabitants. The city also is called: “City of friendship” or „CAPITAL DE LA AMISTAD “. 

Wednesday, 12th day: Chiclayofor your disposal. Relaxing on the Pimentel beach or you pay a visit to the “Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan”, where archeological findings of  “The Lord of Sipan” are exhibited.

Thursday,13th day: Chiclayo - Jayanca - Motupe – Piura. After a  256 km ride, we reach Piura. With approximately 362,000 inhabitants, Piura is the sixth-largest city of the country.

Friday, 14th day: Starting from Piura, today we visit the coastal cities of Paita and Sullana. The harbour city of Paita is located on a peninsula, south of the Rio Chira delta. The fertile city of Sullana offers tropical vegetation: Coconut trees, banana trees and rice fields. Beyond that, Sullana is an important commercial centre for its local cultivation of cotton. In the evening we get back  to Piura, to stay overnight. Todays riding distance: approx. 160 km 

Saturday, 15th day: Piura for your disposal. 

Sunday, 16th day: We have reached the most northern point of our journey. Now we are heading back south to Huanchaco, Trujillos beach. Distance covered today: 425 km

Monday, 17th day: Trujillofor your disposal. A good chance to relax on Huanchaco´s beach or to get get around by yourself a bit. 

Tuesday, 18th day: Excursions on our motorbikes into the Trujillo region, approx. 100 km. 

Wednesday, 19th day: Trujillo - Barranca360 km, Panamericana along the coast. 

Thursday, 20th day: Excursion into the closer neighbourhood of Barranca, approx. 50 km, and a Pisco sour at the pool. 

Friday, 21st day: Return trip towards Lima, back to our hotel “Las Palmas” approx. 170 km. 

Saturday, 22nd day: Return flight home.


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