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The Tour: To the “Belly Button of the world”. 


The journey to the “Belly Button of the world”


The tour, that leads to the “Belly Button of the world”, as the Inka –Capitol Cuscois called. On the 7th day of our tour, we already visit Machu Picchu, the legendary and mystic ruins – one of the  “New 7 Wonders of the World”.

The 2 weeks tour leads us further to other interesting places, scenic routes along the coast, then into the Andeshighlands and back to the coast.


Start like always in Lima, the capital with its almost 10mio inhabitants.

In the next 2 weeks, we will ride a total of 2.345km.

The highlights of this route:

Nasca - well known for its mystic pictograms and lines, which we will admire from a small aircraft.

After leaving Abancay, we ride towards “PumaValley”, one of the “world finest motorcycle routes”- many corners to scratch through, up and down the Andesmountain slopes.

Cusco- the Inka capitol.

The city at the “Belly Button of the world”. Cuscois our point of departure to the ruins of the ancient Inka-city Machu Picchu.

Riding through the HolyValley, various historically loaded places of the Inka-culture, fill our program.

A further highlight of this tour is the trip from Abancay via Chincheros to Andahuaylas and then following the gravel road towards Ayacucho.

We will pass through typical peruvian villages, that most Perutravelers never get to see!

In these 3 days on gravel roads, we ride through the most diverse climate zones with an unique vegetation.

Peru- a paradise that is hard to beat in its variety.

Before heading back to Lima, we will stop in Pisco, our base for excursions into the National Parkof Paracas.

We pay a visit to the BallestasIslands– also called the “Small Galapagos”- a further highlight with its sea lions, penguins and many sea birds.


14 days Enduro Adventure

incl. rental motorcycle YAMAHA XT 660 R

accompanied tours for 6 - 10 participants

english/german speaking  tour guide

4X4 vehicle for service and luggage

accommodation in hostals and hotels

airport transfer


The tour: 2' 350 km Lima - Nasca - Abancay - Cusco - Abancay - Chincheros - Andahuaylas - Ayacucho - Pisco - Paracas - Lima.


The tour to the “Belly Button of the world”.

The tour is suitable for those, who ride motorcycles on regular bases, but definately not for beginners.

Day 9 – 11, mainly riding off road on gravel stone roads, requires riding experience. If you ride a motorbike on regular bases, you should be able to manage that part as well.

This tour is ideal for people that – apart from the fun of riding – like to enjoy the country as well as the Inka culture.  


according to terms and conditions of Perumoto




Travel program:


Saturday, 1st day: Arrival on international airport Jorge Chavez in Lima. From Europe, we recommend to fly IBERIAvia Madridor KLM via Amsterdam. Hotel transfer to our hotel “Las Palmas” in Miraflores by PERUMOTO.


Sunday, 2nd day:The tour start takes place in Lima, the city of the kings and capital of Peru. City tour through the ancient 10mio. city - Plaza de Armas and the Presidential Palace and to the “San Christobal” lookout. Costs  US$ 30. – p.p. 


Monday 3rd day :We ride our Enduros south on the Panamericana highway and visit the gorgeous oasis “Huacachina”. 307 km


Tuesday, 4th day:From Icawe continue riding on the Panamericana to Nasca, where we will fly over the “Nasca Lines”, in a small airplane. Costs: approx. 50. - $.


Wednesday, 5th day: Trip from Nasca to Abancay. Reaching altitudes over 4' 500m.a.s.l., trough the “Natural Reservation Pampa Galeras” with its large Vikunja flocks.

Dreamlike trip with hundreds of corners! Overnight we stay in Abancay. 461 km


Thursday, 6th day:From Abancay to the “Belly Button of the World”, as Cuscowas called by the Inkas.


Friday, 7th day:Trip to Machu Picchu. You will visit the well-known Inka ruins!

Costs: $ 120. - to $ 150. –


Saturday,8th day:From Cusco to Abancay, where we will stay overnight, before we hit the “off-road” track for the next 3 days.


Sunday, 9th day:From  Abancay  to Andahuaylas. Off-road pure, big altitude differences.


Monday, 10th day:From Andahuaylas to Chincheros, off-road at its “finest”! Again, the gravel track leads us up and down the Andesmountain slopes. Overnight, we stay in the small, typical villageof Chincheros.


Tuesday, 11th day:From Chincheros to Ayacucho. We ride along the “Rio Pampa” river, pure nature and again off-road until we reach Ayacucho, our destination for today.


Wednesday, 12th day:From Ayacucho to Pisco, from the highlands back to the coast.

Road passes up to an altitude about 4.750 m.a.s.l !.


Thursday, 13th day:Visit of the “BallestasIslands”.


Friday, 14th day:From Pisco to Lima, we are heading back north on the Panamericana highway.


Saturday, 15th day:Takeoff to your home destination.


Sunday, 16th day:Arrival at your home.


Pricelist and Tour schedule

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