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Canyon del Pato  (DuckCanyon)

The spectacular “DuckCanyon” - those who already rode through this marvellous canyon definitely save their story in the “pure adventure” file on their hard drive! Who ever rode through this canyon, is advised the following: Don´t talk too much about your experiences during “gasoline talks” with your mates and friends – nobody will believe it anyway”! The canyon route is integrated into the “Northern Tour” and I rode through it various times - but still it grips me over and over again.

We are not the first to ride through this canyon – some travellers even did it on bicycles! Nobody however misses to include the trip report in their travel book.


The river “RioSanta,”washed out this extraordinary canyon between the two mountain ranges of the “Cordillera Blanca” and “Cordillera Negra.” Where these two mountain ranges “shake hands”, the river rushes down into the valley as if it was pursued, we can already hear its roar from far. At Huallanca city below the canyon, the power of its waters drive a hydro power plant.

The lake, “Laguna Conococha” located at an altitude of 4050mtr.a.s.l. is regarded as the sourcing lake of the “RioSanta”river. The lake however, is fed by small supply rivers, flowing down from the “Cordillera Negra” in the west and the snow-covered “Cordillera Blanca” in the east.

The “Río Santa” flows from the “Laguna Conococha” approximately 200 km in north-north-western direction between the “Cordillera Negra” and the “Codillera Blanca” and waters the fertile valley of “Callejón de Huaylas”.

There, at about 2000mtr.a.s.l., the river swivels in western direction and squeezes itselves through the close “Canyon del Pato”, before it finally breaks through the coastal mountain line. During the dry period, from June to November, the Rìo Santa contributes only little to the irrigation, drinking water supply and power generation. Therefore the river is regulated by several dams, in order to maintain its contribution in the rain- as well as in the dry season.

The Rìo Santa our constant companion, leads us all the way to the Pacific coast. The power, it developed in the canyon, gets deployed closer to coast. As a wide peacefull river, now responsible for irrigation and drinking water supply of the coastal cities Santa and Chimbote, it flows into the sea.


The canyon trail is not siutable for beginners, although local buses are “storming” through the canyon. The bus drivers seem to feel like the truck pilots on the “Dakarrally”, but there is a  serious difference: The material of these “native rally pilots” does not even get close to what the pro´s have got at hand! A scaring imagination, as passengers – human lives – are in their hands!


Gravel track, deep pot holes, big stones on the road and abysses into the Rìo Santa present further dangers, therefore a good riding experience on gravel is absolutely necessary.

The gravel road – a former railroad embankment - leads us all the way through 39 tunnels and wild canyons. Crossings with our 4X4 ATVs, are only possible at selected places.


Adventures of this quality require save riding pilots, which are able to control their courage. Then the crossing of the DuckCanyonwill be a beautiful and unique experience.

The “Canyon del Pato” is always integrated in the “northern Tour”.


On request of 2 german amigos, we will realize an additional tour in December 2009, so if you are interested to take part – contact us!

Latest arrival date in Limafor this event is Friday, 25th of December.


The tour: Lima- Huaraz - Chimbote- Barranca – Lima


Friday, 1st day:Arrival on international airport Jorge Chavez in Lima. From Europe,we recommend to fly IBERIAvia Madridor KLM via Amsterdam. Hotel transfer to our hotel “Las Palmas” in Miraflores. 

Saturday, 2nd day: We ride through the barren desert landscape that borders the coastal road. After passing Barranca, sited at the Panamericana North, we leave the coast, ride into the Andesto Huaraz (3' 053 m.a.s.l.), towards the “peruvian Switzerland” as this area is also called. We ride between the “Cordillera Negra” to the right and the “Cordillera Blanca” to the left. Approx. 390km 

Sunday, 5th day:Trip into the “National Parkof Huascarán”.  Reaching 6,768 m high, the “Huascarán” - is one of the most well-known mountains in South America. Beautiful mountain lakes, “Puya Raimondis” - plants, occurring only in this area and grow up to 10mtr, the habitat of bears, pumas, foxes and condors. Approx. 90 km  

Monday, 4th day: On the way from Huaraz to Caraz we will do another side trip to the “Lago Llanganuco” lake. The water of the lagoon is of beautiful turquoise colour. The lake lies on an altitude of 3.850 meters, however - we will follow the gravel track further up, in order to enjoy the view on the lake with the powerful 6 .768 m high Huascarán mountain in the background. Afterwards we proceed to Caraz, where we spend. Approx. 150 km. 

Tuesday, 5th day: An adventurous day lays ahead! Off the Andes- towards the coast, Chimbote. The “DuckCanyon” or spanish: „Cañón del Pato “; The road - all gravel- partially leads over a former railroad embankment, including 39 tunnels and wild canyons. Here the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra meet and only the Rio Santo forces its way trough this canyon. This unrestrained river accompanies us to the coastal portof Chimbote, our goal for today. Approx. 170 km. 

Wednesday, 6th day: Leaving Chimbote, we ride alond enormous sand dunes, that lead us the way south on the Panamericana. Constantly changing desert formations are unique and their changes in form and colours invite for several foto stops. Our goal today, a typical Peruvian coastal town, Barranca. A “Pisco Sour” awaits us at the pool bar. Approx. 230 km. 

Thursday, 7th day:We are heading further to the south, back into the capital Lima. Constantly increasing traffic calls for our utmost alertness in the 10mio metropolis. Approx. 170 km.


The route is suitable for those , who ride motorcycles regularly, but definately not for beginners. The gravel stone track in the “Cañón del Pato” requires some good riding experience.


This tour is ideal for people that – apart from fun of riding – like to enjoy the country as well as the culture of the Inkas.


The total covered distance is about 1200km. 


Prices in US$  / Euro are subject to alterations


rental bike YAMAHA XT 660 R: US$: 2.265.-                                                       Euro: 1.550,-

Single room:                          US$:     220.-                                                       Euro:    150,-


Payment: 20% with booking, 80 % - 90 days prior to departure.


Altogether approx. 1.200 km will be covered.



7 days motorcycle adventures, incl. 2 accommodations in Lima

Incl. rental motorcycle YAMAHA XT 660 R

english/german speaking tour guide

4X4 service vehicle for your luggage

Accommodation in hostals and hotels

Airport transfer


Not included: Flight tickets, meals, insurances, admission fees, gasoline.

Referring to general terms and conditions of PERUMOTO.

Lima Wetter