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Our Motorcycles YAMAHA XT660R


If the adventure calls……


In the middle of the 70's, machines of the XT-series already called for worlwide attention.

Often, the XT and Teneré models were used as reliable travel motorcycle by globetrotters, on the whole globe.

A cult motorcycle that wrote history already. Many rally drivers owe their victories to the XT models, including the famous - notorious rally Paris -  Dakar!

Since the very beginning, PERUMOTO relies on the XT series, which proved itself on many routes - in the desert, in the Andes highlands or in the jungle.

Permanently further developed and optimized, the XT660R matured into an incomparably versatile Enduro, which offers driving fun, versatility and a high level of safety. But not just off-road, also in the city and in particular in completely normal everyday traffic, the XT660R proves its broad repertoire at application type. The engine - the first single cylinder with electronic fuel injection, mobilizes plenty of torque already at mid revolutions and therefore feels itself at home on steep mountain slopes, as well as in the town center.

In addition to a robust chassis with stable framework, solid suspension elements and effective disc brakes come along. With all these characteristics, the XT660R is well prepared for boundless adventures, on - and off the road.



Lima Wetter