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Frequently asked questions!


Do I need a visa for the entry?
Travelers from the US, European Union and Switzerland do not need VISAS for Peru.Generally your passport, valid at least for another 6 months is required.

Before landing in Peru, 2 official forms will be handed to you:

1 customs declaration form, regarding the goods you carry.

1 emigation entry form, keep this form well guarded with your passport, as it is required at departure.


What types of vaccinations are recommended?
A yellow fever vaccination is certainly recommendable.The Tetanus vaccination should be renewed if necessary.Some physicians also recommend the typhoid fever vaccination. The same recommendations apply to Hepatitis A and B, and on child paralysis (Polio).The malaria risk is very small on our tours, the malaria mainly occurs in the jungle and in particular in the Amazon basin, our tours rarely lead into these areas.Consulting your family medic, some weeks prior to departure, however is recommended.


What is the recommended airline to Lima?
Starting from Europe I recommend to book at IBERIA or KLM.IBERIA flies daily directly starting from Madrid and KLM connects directly from Amsterdam to Lima, duration approx. 12 hr. Starting from the US, you may choose from LAN, TACA, DELTA, AA and others.

Consult your travel agency for more. My hint: Put important things, you absolutely need, into the hand baggage. It already occurred various times, that luggage items only arrived the following day! Anyway, keep the actual rules regarding on-board luggage in mind.Further information in the “Flights to Lima” file:


Do I get picked up at Lima airport?
Sure! We will await you like other tour operators at the exit of the arrival hall. We will carry a PERUMOTO sign with your name written on it. You certainly will be asked by various cab drivers: “Taxi Mister?” - just ignore them and look out for the “PERUMOTO” sign.


What to do, if I mis´s my connection flight, or the connection flight was cancelled?  Unfortunately, that also occurred in the past. In this case, please communicate with us a.s.a.p. and inform about new time of arrival.  

by mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and by SMS:  +41796315102. 

My mobile phone no. in Lima:

from abroad you dial: +51 971 503 351

from Peru you dial: 971 503 351

Our hotel in Lima: Hotel “LAS PALMAS”, Calle Bellavista 320, Miraflores. Lima - Perú Telephone (+51 1) 444-6033


What are the best currencies to bring along?
EURO or US$ in cash, these two currencies are easy to exchange against the national currency Nuevo Soles, small notes, 100 notes are ideal. My recommendation: Never carry more than 200 EUROS or 200 US$ cash on you. Best, you exchange 100 EUROS or US$ upon arrival on the Lima airport for national currency. You will find the exchange booth near to luggage conveyer belts in the arrival section after passing emigration.










With Maestro - and Visa cards you can withdraw national currency or US$ from most ATM´s. 








Travel cash - a further good possibility!

The TC card gets preloaded with the required amount, prior to your journey,

available at your bank.

With 2 credit cards you are well prepared. As credit cards can get lost or break as well, I recommend 2 cards. Always keep them separated! Also ensure prior to your departure, that your credit cards are internationally valid


What travel insurance do you recommend?
Make sure, that your travel insurance also covers the national territory of Peru.There are various packages available, such as:

Travel cancellation, repatriation by medical transport, legal protection and much more besides. In Germany the German Automobile Association (ADAC) offers ideal insurance for the journey, in Switzerland the TCS . Always ensure that the agreements are valid world-wide.


Doe I need an international driving licence in PERU?
Yes, you need your national driving licence along with the international driving licence.Before departure, check the validity date of your international driving licence!


Can I be reached by mobile phone in PERU?
In all larger cities we got mobile network connection. Ensure that your mobile operator offers worldwide roaming. Anyway, mobile connections are still quite expensive in Peru. Therefore, it is recommended to use it just for emergencies. More economic is to buy a calling card and use the land line, or the internet, plenty of internet cafes in every city. A further possibility is using the internet in the hotels.


What type of clothing do you recommend for riding?
“Goretex” protective clothing with removable interior lining is definitely the correct solution. Along the coast it is usually warm and in the highlands sometimes quite fresh. Make sure, that your clothing is equipped with all necessary body protectors. 2 pairs of gloves are recommended; 1 pair of summer gloves and 1 warm pair for colder regions. Rain clothing also is of advantage. It rarely rains on our tours, nevertheless it is recommend to carry a rain jacket and trousers with you. Rain gloves to cover are also ideal and do not need much space. Your wet weather equipment can be left in the service car.











What kind of helmet do you recommend?
An integral helmet, semi integral (the type seen on the photo), or Motocross helmet with eyeglasses, everything is possible. We do not recommend “Jet helmets”, as face and chin are not sufficiently protected.


How much luggage can I carry?
Most airlines permit 1 luggage item à 20 kg and a hand baggage à 10 kg.

As an exception, IBERIA and Delta Airlines allow 2 X 20 kg, Contact your airline in order to get the correct information.








You have got space for 1 luggage item (ideal hard shell suit-cases such as illustration)








and a hand luggage (e.g. Backpack).



Isn't that too limited?
No, sometimes less is even more! If you like, I can propose a possible packing list as follows: 

Passport (starting from entry still to be valid 6 months)

International and national driving license (validity!)

Airplane ticket

Copies of all important papers

International travel and accident insurance

Credit cards and cash (EURO or US $)

Money bag (worn around your neck), money belt or belt bag.

Individual first aid travel kit

Sun protection and lip protection stick (can be bought in PERU)

Mosquito repellent (can be bought in PERU)

Small flashlight (can be bought in PERU)

Camera and battery charger

Spare eyeglasses for eyeglass wearers

Sun glasses

Small dictionary

Travel guide (pocket size)

Earplugs (Peru sometimes is noisy!)


Don´t carry too much, you can buy toilet articles also in Peru.

On Sunday morning we will go for a quick shopping; Shaving foam, beverages, sun cream, etc.!

During the tour, there are many possibilities to get your clothes to a laundry service.

During the day we have got our motorbike clothing!

Some light shoes (light tracking shoes or trainers)

Underwear for 1 week

Socks for 1 week

2 trousers (1 summer and 1 winter trousers)

4 T – Shirt, possibly 1 shirt

1 warm sweater.

Rain jacket (ideally the one that you would use on the bike as well!)

Light jacket

As much as necessary – as few as possible!

For the motorcycle driving:

Helmet (most airlines do not have anything against it, if you carry the helmet as additional hand luggage, if they complain – just tell them: “I never fly without helmet!” 

I also recommend, you wear your motorcycle clothes on the airplane, as they are quite heavy and bulky in your luggage!

Gloves (2 pairs – summer / winter)

Motorcycle boots

Rain dress - my recommendation: Rain jacket and trousers.


Can I use my battery chargers for mobile phone and camera?
Yes, without problems possible the main voltage in EUROPE is alike, the plugs fit. Voltage is 220 Volts! Refer to the label on your charger.


How is the crime situation?
Pick-pockets and trick thefts are the most frequent events. It is important to always keep an eye on your belongings! During many years of PERUMOTO motorcycle tours, fortunately we never had to face any major problems in that regard. However, advices from tour guides are to be followed strictly. The Latinos are very kind and open minded, quickly they make friends with “Gringos” or “Gringas”, a certain caution however is highly recommended at any time.










How much does a meal cost?

This differs a bit between the provinces and cities like Lima or Arequipa. Mainly, a rich meal will cost you about 20,- to 25,- Nuevos Soles, (approx. 4,- to 5,- Euro or 6,- to 7.- US$.)

The Peruvian kitchen is hard to beat in variety and does not have to fear any comparison with others.


Do we make photo stops?
Of course! You will have sufficient opportunities to shoot plenty of interesting photos.  Depending upon group size, these stops are planned. Smaller groups, up to 4 or 5 motorcycles are a little bit more flexible, the participants usually stop for a moment, to shoot the desired picture. In larger groups however, starting from 5 motorcycles, photo stops are organized by the tour guide. Small digital cameras are the best solution, as they usually find space in your bike clothing.


What amount of cash I have to calculate for fuel?
For the 3 weeks tour, covering approx. 3.200 – 3.300 km, you have to calculate between 120,- to 150,- Euros  (170,- to 210,- US$)  


Many organizers require a minimum number of participants to realize the tour. How is that in PERUMOTO?
PERUMOTO accomplishes every scheduled tour. So of course, it may happen that you will enjoy a very small group. A small group naturally offers certain advantages to the participant.We think, it is unreasonable, to inform a participant one month before tour start, that the tour has been cancelled, due to lack of participants.


How high is the seat on the YAMAHA XT 660 R ?
All ENDURO motorcycles are somehow a little high, as we are looking for ground clearance and a comfortable suspension on our tour! The seat height of the XT 660 R reaches 845 mm. Many bike pilots like to stand with both feet flat on the ground. Usually, this is possible if you are at least 1,72mtr – 1,74mtr tall. For me, this is not an issue, even I am measuring just 1,67mtr – I like the height of the ENDUROS, even if I just get one foot on ground.

The other solution: we exchange the suspension links and lower the bike about 30 – 50 mm. In case you would like to get this adjustment, please inform us right away.


Excursions are not included in the tour price. What amount do I have to consider for those?
That is right. Also, not every participant wants to take each and every excursion. Machu Picchu is certainly a must for each Peru traveller, but e.g. the flight over the Nasca Lines is nothing for somebody, who does not feel comfortable in small airplanes . 

Here a small overview of possible excursion and prices that you may consider on our  “Following the Inka trails” tour. (Standard prices, price adjustments reserved): 

“City tour Lima”, approx. US $ 25. –

Flight over the Nasca Lines approx. US $ 50. - to 70. - (depending upon season and type of aircraft) 

Visit of the “Monastery Santa Catalina” in Arequipa, approx. US $ 15. - to 20. –

“Uros islands” on the “Lake Titicaca”, approx.: US $ 15. - to 20. - (depending on number of participants) 

“Machu Picchu”, train ticket, bus travel, entrance, taxi approx. US $ 120. - to 150. - (depending on number of participants and season) 

Trip into the “Holy valley”, approx.: US $ 15. - to 20. –

Boat trip to National Park “Islas Ballestas”, approx.:  US $ 15. –

Entrance National Park of Paracas, approx.: US $ 7. -

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