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The “Colca valley”

“Valle del Colca”, one of the worlds deepest canyons!”

Colca, carrying the same name as the river that dwells here at an altitude of 4800mtr.a.s.l..

From its wellspring down into the sea, the river puts about 400 km behind and thereby changes its name 5 times. The canyon is about 100 km long and towered by the volcanos Coropuna (6425 m) and Ampato (6310 m). The Sabancaya, a further volcano in the region, still is active and causes natural catastrophes again and again.


A visit of the Colca valley is a journey into the past. The remoteness of the villages and the poor government support made it forgotten for a long time. Practically without any contact to larger centres such as Arequipa, Juliaca or Puno, the locals did not receive much of the modern live.

In the middle of the 70's, the government built new roads in the ColcaValley, in connection with the “Majes” - irrigation project.

Also the new road from Arequipato Puno got finished in 2001, allowing the local population now to associate with bigger cities.

Minibuses usually “Mercedes – Sprinter” also commute daily from Arequipanow, are carrying tourists into the valley and to various lookouts, where they are able to observe the impressive flight of the condor.


The Condor

The largest flying bird of the world, with a with a wing span up to 3.20 meters”

The Condor of the Andesis not only the largest of all flying birds, leaving behind any other bird, when its flight altitude reaches up to 7000mtrs!

The Condor history reaches far back. The eldest fossil findings of the Condors ancestors are approximately 60 million years old.

This early Condor, called “Teratornis Incredibilis” had a wingspan reaching from five to six meters!




Chivay, located at 3600mtr.a.s.l., is a suitable starting point into the Colca valley. The tiny town has got the best infrastructure in the area. Simple hotels or guest houses certainly are interesting as well as the accommodation in simple hostals, that guest families offer. The families are very proud of their traditions and gladly show the guest, what the traditional kitchen has to offer. Something recommendable in the neighbourhood are the thermal baths of La Calera. The medical effect of these baths is well-known, anyhow relaxing and doing good. Collective taxis start from the centre place and get you to these baths.



Lima Wetter