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Blue eyes in Oxapampa and Pozuzo


Apart from its interesting historical background, this area has got many other attractions to offer. Already in1859, Austrians and Germans settled down here. According to a road sign Pozuzo calls itself: “la única colonia Austro – Alemana del mundo” – “the only austrian-german colony in the world”. Their descendents still keep various traditions alive but many lost their native language. They adapted to the primval forest conditions and i.e., modified their appel-pie into a banana-pie. Their main economic activity is cattle farming.

The valley, surrounded by wonderful, virgin forests is located in the Pozuzu /Oxapampa province and lays at 700 mtrs above sea level. The distance from Limais approx. 460 km. 

Our journey leads us through the 3 different climatic zones of Peru: Coast, highlands and jungle and the national reserve Yanachaga-Chemillen. The way to Pozuzo leads through this national reserve. Here, one can observe the outstanding landscape of the deeply cut Huancabamba canyon. The national reserve covers 122.000 ha and is located on the “Yanachaga Hights”, which separate the Pozuzo-Oxapampa and Palcazu valleys. Here, a part of the Peruvian rainforest is protected and so are its biological treasures. The national reserve Yanachaga-Chemillen can be reached via Oxapampa or Palcazu. Since long time, the locals realized that Enduro Motorbikes are the best way to get around. The gravel tracks demand good equipment and experienced pilots – nothing for beginners!

Rain season December – April, in these months we abstain from tours into this area, as roads may get impassable at any moment. 

Starting from Lima, the country road leads us over the Ticlio pass at an altitude of 4818 mtr, further through La Oroya(3740 m, 180 km), Tarma, (2247 m, 230 km), passing San RamĂłn (820 m, 293 km), before we reach La Merced (751 m, 305 km). Until here the road is paved. We always stay here overnight, before taking the gravel stone road to Oxapampa (1814 m, 385 km) under our wheels, early next morning.

After a night in a beautiful lodge in Oxapampa, we proceed to Pozuzo (824 m, 472 km) – 87 km pure off-road fun! (all distances from Lima)


PERUMOTO offers this 1-week tour as an additional adventure to the tour “Following the Inka Trails”. The tour however demands experienced drivers that already have managed larger off-road tours before. Please refer to our link list as well!

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