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Climate – the best time to travel


The climate in the coastal region is moderate. Compared to the seasons in Europeand the US, the climate is reversed and therefore excellent to convert your winter season into an adventurous holyday:

During the local summer months (December to April), the average temperature is about 25°C. In winter time, (June to September) the lowest temperatures range between 11°C and 15°C.

In the mountain region, the climate is moderate all year through. At night time however, temperatures may drop noticeably close to the freezing point.



Summer: December to April, average temperature 25°C.

Winter: June to September, lowest temperatures range between 11°C to 15°C.

Andeshighlands and Selva (jungle)

Here, there are no real summer- or winter seasons, but rain- and dry season. The rain season takes place from December to April (rain falls usually in the evening and at night), the dry season from June to September.


Generally, there is no such “favourable season” for Peru, the country offers good travelling conditions during the entire year.

During winter months (June to September), the south-western Pacific coast strip is covered by dense fog, caused by the cold “Humbolt” current. The only exception is the area close to the Ecuadorian border.

This time of the year, magnificent sunshine prevails beyond the Andesand in the Amazon region. Therefore, June, July and August are the best months to visit the Cuscoand Machu Picchuarea. Unfortunately, this time also draws many tourists into the region as well.

During the summer (December to April), the Peruvians spend their holydays at the Pacific coast under the bright shining sun, while the rain season started in the Andesand the Amazonas basin. The climatic differences may be significant. For the motor bike rider this means to bring along functional and safe clothing.



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